Maze Runner

Coming to a movie theater near you. The Maze Runner has been on my list since before I knew it was being made into a movie (which I only found out when I looked up the second book in the Trilogy), and I have to say I'm excited for the movie -- the book seems really well suited for the silver screen. Teens working together for survival in a world where very little makes sense to the protagonist or the reader. Little pieces fall into place as the book progresses, but it always leaves you guessing, and while there is some foreshadowing you never know exactly where things are headed. Even as the book concludes, you're still not sure what exactly is going on. Usually that would leave me feeling cheated, but just enough was resolved to make it feel like a proper ending but wanting more.

Without giving too much away the story revolves around a boy, Thomas, whose memory has been taken from him being delivered to a group of boys living in the center of a maze that they explore each day, and where dangerous monsters roam at night as the walls of the maze change, leaving them guessing on how to find a way out.